Agent Florida

Yes, Yes. I know I said that I would do my blog on Carolina, but I kinda felt like doing Agent Florida. I feel  like he is a character that has been really under appreciated and ignored. He is another really awesome character. I mean, just look at him…..

Yea. He caught an axe…..with his chest!!!

Agent Florida is one of the most beloved freelancers of Red vs Blue. Not only is he a badass killer, but what makes him a fan favorite is that he took an axe to the chest, then proceeds to stand up and rips it out of his chest and throws it at his assailant.

Yup. It’s pretty amazing! He looks more annoyed than injured, which is remarkable! Although most people who have not seen Red vs Blue may think that it is a cartoon and it’s not realistic.You are wrong! In seasons 9 and 10 especially, it is geared to show the fallibility of the freelancers. They are not perfect, they make mistakes, and they do get injured. Agent York is injured by a grenade to the head, but survives because of Agent Tex’s quick thinking.

Yes the freelancers do amazing feats that no ordinary human can, but keep in mind that these characters are the elite of the elite. They have passed many a physical test and more. In addition, they have armor that gives a special abilities. So yes, they aren’t equal in ability to a regular person but that doesn’t mean it isn’t realistic.

Florida is quite the character and very different than the other Freelancers. At first he seems like the strong, silent type…and then he opens his mouth to speak and he says something that usual.

For instance:

His quirky attitude makes him all the more lovable. He is unusually positive and kind although deadly when need be.

Here is where it get confusing. Red vs. Blue originally focused  on the “struggle” between the reds and the blues. It starts off with reds consisting of Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Lopez and the blues consisting of Church, Tucker, Caboose, and Sheila (she is an AI in the form of a tank). (then eventually Tex). **When Red vs. Blue started, the blues did not really have a chain of command because their leader/ commander died and command never sent a replacement. So the blues are left with no commander and Church takes charge….kind of….**

That’s where Agent Florida comes in. He was the original leader of the blues.  This is a flash back sequence in Season 3, episode 50 in which he makes his debut.

(This video was made in 2005, over ten years ago)

Agent Florida or Captain Butch Flowers is a very….quirky character. The way  he talks is unusually calm and unsettling. He is extremely positive and friendly.

**Just in case you are confused: Captain Butch Flowers was originally Agent Florida working as a part of Project Freelancer. When Project Freelancer started to fall apart, the Director and the Counselor chose a candidate to take the Alpha AI and hide and protect him from whoever may be coming after him. That candidate was Agent Florida. This image:

is of Florida accepting the job. He transferred to Blood Gulch and oversees the blue army.**

Seasons 1-8 follow the lives of the Reds and Blues, but Season 9-10 are flashbacks and give back stories to how “Red vs. Blue” began. Hence the tag line, “Before there was Red v. Blue. There was Project Freelancer.”







Freelancer Carolina


This is for context purposes:

Agent Carolina and many other Freelancers made their debut in season 9, the first season that characters reveal their faces and the style of the show was changed. Originally it followed a singular plot, the adventures of the Blood Gulch characters, but seasons 9 and season 10  provide an explanation as to what Project Freelancer is and a backstory to all the Freelancers. During seasons 9 and 10, two different plots develop, one is a flash back to Project Freelancer  and how it fell a part and the other developing plot is in the present, about the Blood Gulch characters working with Carolina and Washington.


Agent Carolina:

A.I.: Eta and Iota

Armor Enhancement: Camouflage and Speed

Original Armor Style

Agent Carolina, or Carolina was Number One on her team. She is stubborn, ambitious, and serious. She is a highly skilled in both hand to hand combat and can use most weapons (both human and alien tech). She was the leader of the Freelancers and thought of them as family, although she did not show her true emotions until after the fall of Project Freelancer. She had a romantic relationship with York and in “Out of Mind” from season 10, Carolina goes to the spot where York died and talks to him asking him why he did what he did.

This is the first time that Carolina has shown her feelings, when she goes to where York died and talks to him. This changes how the audience see’s Carolina. (however its awhile before she shows her true feelings to anyone else in the show)

This is the scene where the viewers finally being to understand who she is.

(Please watch this until the 1:53 time stamp)

She states that she can not trust anyone because the people who she should have been able to trust destroyed her and each other. However, as much as the fan and I love Carolina, she is also at fault. She is ambitious and does not know the meaning of the phrase “give up”. During a mission, Agent Maine damage his vocal cords and gave him her A.I., Sigma, in order to help him. However, She had the decision to either wait for new A.I. or push back either Agent South Dakota’s (who is known to have a temper) or Agent Washington’s implantation. Instead, she chooses to push back both their implantation to gain 2 A.I. instead of one. She does this in order to beat Tex, her rival and eventual enemy.

Before Tex arrived, Carolina was number one. There was a leader board that ranked the top 6 freelancers. This also gave them a reason to compete one another, which becomes a larger issue in the season and is one of the main reasons why Project Freelancer fails.

Carolina S12E13
Seasons 11 , 12, and 13 Armor Style

Although she is close with many of the freelancers, they slowly begin to drift a part. Both the leader board and the arrival of Tex ripped a part the team. The one to blame, however, is the director of Project Freelancer.

Both seasons 9 and 10 are about finding the director and bringing him to justice. (I have already posted a video of Carolina finding the director in a previous blog post)

All during season 10, Carolina just wants revenge, but at the end when she looks into his eyes. She sees how truly broken he is and while she does not forgive him, she understands that he will not forgive himself either. She leaves the gun beside, kisses him on the head, and walks out. This is her letting go of the past and what had happened and she is ready to restart.



Which she does in season 11, where she and the other Blood Gulch characters crash land on a planet named Chorus.


This picture is concept art from Halo 4


In the next blog I’ll explain how her character develops during seasons 11-13 on plant Chorus.

Can we take a moment and just appreciate the detail and beauty of this picture. The graphics in this season are absolutely phenomenal!!!!

AND THE FIGHT SCENES! (I’ll save that for the next blog post…)





Your Welcome.



RWBY is a anime…?

Today, I have decided upon discussing RWBY. (RWBY is pronounced “Ruby”, not “R-W-B-Y”).

“What is RWBY?” you may ask. Well that is a good question. But first I’ll explain why I am talking about RWBY even though my blog is about Red vs. Blue. RWBY is a web series created my a man named Monty Oum. (I’m sorry to tell you that he passed away February 1, 2015 due to an allergic reaction during a minor surgery. So this blog post is in memory of Monty Oum. May he rest in peace.)

An artist (I don’t know who) drew this art as a memorial for his passing.


(please watch this video until at least the 2:01 time slot. It gives a quick explanation of the World of Remnant, which I will also explain below in case you are confused. The rest of the video is episode 1 of RWBY)

(To the reader: I recommend that you watch the videos included in this post, although you don’t have to. I hope I gave enough info about RWBY so you don’t have to watch it, but it gives you a more comprehensive information about RWBY and is actually a part of the web series)

The show RWBY takes place in the World of Remnant. It is made up of 4 kingdoms; Vale, Vacuo, Altas, and Mistral. The World of Remnant was originally covered in darkness and over ridden by the Creatures of Grimm. However with the use of dust, humans were able to defend themselves and create civilizations. The civilizations broke up into the four kingdoms mentioned above.

Dust can be used in a multitude of ways, in its raw form as a crystal, as ammo (and or other weapons), weaved into clothing, and infused with a body, as well as being used in almost all technology in Remnant. (basically used in all applications).

The Creatures of Grimm (aka Grimm) still cover most of Remnant. No one is quiet sure where they came from or what they are, Grimm usually only attack humans (and their creations).

(As a side note, the narrator of the 3 previous  videos were voiced by Jen Taylor. For those of you who do not know who she is, she plays Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey in the Halo series. Which is where the graphics from RVB come from. BOOM! link! You weren’t expecting that!)

This is where Hunters and Huntresses come in. They are warriors trained by academies to fight the Creatures of Grimm. They can fight the creatures as teams or on their own. (During their training in the academies they are put into teams.)

(Also there are two race on Remnant, humans and faunus. Faunus were scrutinized and have been discriminated against because they are faunus. A faunus is a human type person that have animal traits. As in ears, tails, antlers, and vision, along with some other traits that may not have been revealed yet)

(also, I believe its important to note that the lyrics to the music in the series reveals a lot about the plot of the RWBY)

Which brings us to Team RWBY, made up of Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, and Ruby Rose.

Weiss Schnee
Blake Belladonna
Yang Xiao Long
Ruby Rose

Ruby and Yang are half sisters, same father but different mothers. After Yang’s mother left, their father was so distraught until he met Ruby’s mother. After they had Ruby, her mother passed away a few years later. While the sisters aren’t fully sisters, they treat each other like full sisters.

Each character in RWBY is based/inspired by a fairy tale character. For example, Ruby is based off of Little Red Riding Hood.

Weiss is based off of Snow White. (her name means White Snow)

Blake is inspired by Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.

Yang is based off of Goldilocks.

Weiss is the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, which is know worldwide for their dust. She is a bit stuck up but highly skilled. She is first introduced as a very stuck up, high class prick whom is highly critical of both her teammates and others. But as the series goes on, She becomes less stuck up and a more understanding and kind character. (She is often called Ice Queen as a joke) Her semblance is Glyphs, which according to Winter (her sister who is just mentioned in Volume 2 and then finally makes an appearance in Volume 3) is hereditary. Glyphs can be used for various reasons and have different effects.

What Weiss is on is a Glyph.


Blake a more mysterious character. She is quiet and strong in her convictions. She a more calm and methodical character. She often looses her temper when people talk about Faunus in a disrespectful way. Why? Because Blake herself is a Faunus. She was once a part of a once peaceful protest group called The White Fang. (Now they are considered terrorists) Originally Blake grew up with discrimination, to survive she needed to learn how to fight and take care of herself. As a young ,scared, struggling girl, she joined White Fang as a peaceful protester. However, over the years someone else took over the White Fang and led them into another direction, to a more violent means of getting results. The leader of the White Fang was one of her closest friends and it hurt her to leave him, but she realized that this was not the life she wanted. So she ran away.

She miraculously made it into Beacon Academy, in Volume one, Ozpin notes that she was quite an amazing warrior because she had no formal training at any school,  which is quite a feat.

Blake usually wears a bow to hide her cat ears because she is afraid of discrimination. She wants to be treated normal, so she hides her true self. She even keeps this a secret from her friends in Volume 1, until the end when she accidentally lets it slip.

Her semblance is making shadow clones that distracts her opponent so she can get away, attack, or retreat to catch her breath.

Next is Yang. Yang is funny, a thrill seeker, spirited, and fiery (which is a pun considering her anger helps her win her fight.(She is a bit of a hot head, pun intended)  Its kinda like Goku Super Saiyan for those of you who watch Dragon Ball- Z) Yang’s hair is the souce of her power, which is why she gets mad when something happens to it. (Its like Samson from the Bible)

She often makes a lot of puns which relater to her voice actress, Barbara Dunkelman, whom also makes quite a few puns.  Yang’s semblance is the ability to absorb hits and then use that energy to hit her opponents.

As you can see she is skilled in boxing and kickboxing, which makes her different than her teammate, whom fight with weapons verses her gauntlets which are used for more close quarters fighting. Although it can be used a a long range weapon, but is more effective short range.

While Yang is a skilled warrior, she can also let her emotions take over, making her more reckless and predictable. Her anger is her greatest ally in battle, if she doesn’t keep it in check, it can easily become her worst enemy.

Finally, Ruby. She is a quirky 15 year old that skipped two years to be accepted into Beacon Academy. (Beacon Academy is one of the many Academies that trained Hunters and Huntresses. She skipped ahead because the headmaster of the academy, Ozpin, saw her fighting against and enemy and was impressed by her level of skill at such a young age) Ruby was trained by her uncle Qrow (pronounced Crow). She’s extraordinarily adorable and the leader of Team RWBY. She’s very innocent bu at the same time can be depended upon and can be serious when necessary. Her older sister,Yang, used to read her  stories about hunter and huntresses who gave their live in order to ensure the safety of others. From these stories and her parent’s occupation, she has a  strong morality and ethics. (She really enjoys what she does too!)

once again. ADORABLE! She’s childish and just so EEE!! AMAZING! She’s so dynamic and hilarious!

This is Ruby in the Red Trailer. She takes on a bunch of Grimm at once (again its important to listen to the lyrics to get an understanding of Ruby’s character)

Now I’m sure you noticed her weapon. A GIANT SCYTHE!

The Scythe’s name is Crescent Rose. A BEAUTY INDEED! Not only is this glorious weapon wielded by a 15 girl, but it doubles as a sniper rifle! She can use her gun even when its in its compact form.

Yang’s weapon is the most unique. Its name is Ember Celica. They start off as large bracelets that grow into larger gauntlets. It shoots out raw kinetic energy that explodes. (basically shotgun gauntlets)

Yes. That is  17 year old girl who is shooting raw energy into a giant bird’s mouth. YANG EVERYONE! This weapon perfectly matches her semblance, the harder she is hit, the harder she hits back. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel the full force of the hit, she does, which makes her susceptible to being knocked out.

Blake’s weapon has the most uses. Its name is Gambol Shroud. According to Wikipedia its, “a shinobigatana with a sharpened sheath that has a pistol in the hilt, which is also attached to a long ribbon. Blake often uses this weapon in the style of kusarigama.” (a shinobigatana is a ninja sword. a kusarigaman is a ninja weapon, a sickle with a chain attached)

Blake uses her sheath as a weapon and Gambol Shroud can turn into a a gun. Basically Blake has 3 weapons in one. Which makes it the most  versatile. She can used each in a multitude of ways.


Weiss’ weapon name is Myrtenaster. A gorgeously made rapier that holds dust inside the chamber like a revolver would bullets.

This weapon is extraordinarily durable, there is no ware or damage to the weapon during any of her battles. The ability to utilize dust during a battle could come in handy and helps Weiss quickly gain the upper hand in a battle. Additionally, the dust stored inside the blade can be shot out of it and used as a long range weapon. At the same time, Weiss could also used it to attack her foe creating a stronger offensive hit. A blow from this weapon along with the dust stored inside and her semblance for glyphs makes her deadly. Although, Weiss is a great warrior, she is still a novice. No doubt she could annihilate her enemy, but she still has yet to master her weapon.

This is very accurate

As you can see from the pics and videos I have included. The animation is a bit different compared to your traditional 2D anime, such as:

RWBY is actually 3D. Which is why it looks  different compared to 0ther anime.

Next time, I’ll share all the theories and the mind-blowing plot of RWBY.





Being a part of the RVB fandom SUCKS!

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maxresdefault HAVE FUN!

For the many people who have not seen Red vs Blue, you may not understand how much it hurts. We are pulled, dragged, and thrown around like rag dolls. One minute your cheering on your favorite character…the next your crying into your pillow at 2 A.M….(not that I have experience or anything….*silently sobbing into pillow ….at 2 A.M…*)

However, whilst we – *coughs* I –  cry, we also appreciate the complexity and originality of this show. For example, Doyle’s character development gives a deeper meaning and insight into one who gives his life in order to save thousands of others. His character in the show was originally a slightly- snobbish scaredy- cat, but when push came to shove he knew that his role was to die so that others may live. The circumstances of what was happening on Chorus, a planet, made Doyle’s character mature. For him, in the end, he had to manually detonate a reactor so that it would cause a giant explosion and take out most of the enemy’s army.  He became a hero willing to die for the cause because although he was originally shown as scared, he was the bravest of them all. And while “dying for a cause” may not be original, his last words were –

I’d like to quote the great William Shakespeare, but, to tell you the truth… I don’t actually think he said it.” – General Donald Doyle

But what hit the fans the hardest, is when the team was when Carolina pulled a North Dakota. At that point I proceeded to cry. With the small act that Carolina preformed, it showed how much she cared for her old family, the freelancers, and how she had not forgotten them and how much she cared for her knew family, the reds and blues. No words had to be said to throw the audience into a frenzy of emotion.

(with that I would like to add that season 13 RVB soundtrack is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I LOVE IT! SO AMAZING!! MADE EVERY SCENE EVOKE SO MUCH MORE EMOTION!!)

Many people think that Red vs Blue is a show that is funny and has no plot, but while it is indeed funny, it has alot of meaning behind the episodes (the especially more recent ones).

In seasons 9-10, The break up of project freelancer was sad, but the emotional distress that the characters felt wasn’t really shown because most of the focus was on Church, Tex, Carolina, and Washington. The rest of it is just “memories” about what had happened. (this isn’t to say that the character were emotionless because there was alot of emotion shown between the tension and relationships by far, but emotion in regards to Carolina opening up. At least until the end)  But later on in season 12-13, Carolina talks about how much she cared for the other freelancers, finally Carolina opens up about what it was like. Rooster Teeth is showing the audience that the Freelancers were a family before the AIs and the competition tore them apart. In fact many of the fan-fictions that fans write portray the freelancers in a close-knit bond.

The best part about all of it is that the writers know how the fans feel and connect with them on a serious level that can really make or break a series (obviously its been working for them). They make it realist and relatable to the one watching the show. One of the best scenes in RVB was when Carolina finally found the Director. Easily one of the most heart wrenching parts of RVB.

WHAT I WANT TO SAY3491372-smh

Personally I think that this truly showed how people are. They hold on to memories so tightly that they will do anything to relive the past. The conflict show in Carolina’s face was enough to show how much pain she was in to do this. And when she took off her helmet and showed her eyes and the Director took off his glasses, it is finally revealed that he is her father. Which is why she kissed him on the forehead before she left. Her relationship with her father had fallen apart and now she had to leave him to die. She had gone though enough pain with the betrayal and killing her father would only cause more. When she looked him in the eyes she finally understood how much pain he was going through, but she never forgave him. Epsilon (Church) wanted revenge for all the pain he had caused and showed how hurt he was by his betrayal.

Carolina leaving her gun as the Director asked and saying goodbye, held so much weight because Tex, Carolina’s mother hated goodbyes and how seamlessly everything flowed together. Including when Filiss said “It has been an honor, sir.” and the gates shut and you hear Tex’s voice, “Don’t say goodbye. I hate goodbyes.”


Once again I proceeded to cry..




There…Do you feel better?

Characterization of Red vs Blue

The Reds:

Sarge: The Sargent of the red team. His voice and personality are that of classic southern military man. He is in love with war and wants only war. He often is willing to sacrifice himself (and or Grif, whom he hates) for the cause of “the war” (he considers it to be sacred). He loves Lopez, his shot gun and “drinking the blood of his enemies”. Sarge believes himself to be the most intelligent of the reds.

(Halo 3)

Simmons: He is the smartest on the red team (book smart, his common sense is sometimes…) and he also knows how to program computers. He gets nervous quickly and is a “kiss-ass” as Grif would describe him. He constantly wants the approval of his leader, Sarge. Much later in the series Sarge takes parts of Simmons to fix Grif and become a cyborg.

(Halo 3)

Grif: He is the lazy one on the team and consistently complains. He has a sister who became a minor character in season 5. Grif usually takes naps and eats all day and almost never exercises. While Grif often shirks his duties, he comes up with the most logical answers to problems.

(Halo 3)

Donut: He… wears pink or rather “lightish red” and usually tries to be the peace keeper. He also makes a lot of gay innuendos and usual is completely inappropriate at the time which makes it absolutely hilarious. Donut is always cheery and in a good mood. When he is first introduced he is wearing red armor, but then later changes to “lightish red” because he managed to capture the flag. (those of you who are unfamiliar with Red vs Blue, it was originally based on Halo on the mini game Capture the flag. The creators of RVB decided to make a web series about the struggle between the two teams trapped inside a box cannon. Little did they know that RVB would erupt into a full out franchise and a company known as Rooster Teeth.)

(Halo 3)

Lopez: he is a robot AI that only speaks Spanish and has a monotone voice. Donut acts as if he understands what Lopez is saying, but he is usually way off. Lopez hates everyone on the red team and the blue team, but his creator (Sarge) thinks that Lopez loves him.

(Halo 3)

The Blues:

Church: He is the unofficial leader of the blue team and is a bit of a hot head. He often speaks his mind and is easily annoyed by his team members and red team members. Church is easily one of the most beloved character in RVB because he seems to be the only sensible one and how he manages to go on after everything that happens to him though out his life. (Which is a bit confusing)

(Halo 3)

Tucker: He is sarcastic and often makes a lot of sexual jokes. He hits on any girl he can and thinks that every girl wants him. Early in the series Tucker gets an energy sword and is later impregnated with an alien baby. (His son’s nickname is Junior) Tucker becomes a more important character in seasons 11-13.

(Halo 3)

Caboose: He is not at all intelligent and makes many mistakes. Caboose is like a child in a man’s body. He has a lot of strength and he seems to have a gift for friends with A.I. easily. Another beloved character, I’m quite sure that if Caboose were to die, the entire fan base would go into an all-out frenzy and start a riot.

(Caboose’s helmet is from Halo 1 and his body armor is from Halo 3)

Sheila: She is the AI of the tank that is given to the blue team by Command. She can be sassy and rude sometimes. She first interacts with Caboose and establishes a friendship with him which becomes important later on in the series.

(Halo Combat Evolved)

Captain Flowers: The official leader of the blue team, but he is later killed in the series after he was thought to be dead. It is revealed in season 9 and 10 he was a part of project freelancer. He is apparently allergic to aspirin and has a “heart attack” and dies. The Blue Team thinks he is dead and they bury him but he comes back later to tell the Blues that he was allergic to Aspirin and tells his tale of how he survived underground; however he is shot and dies once again. (but for realizes J – RIP Cappy Flowers)

(Halo Combat Evolved – this was before Tucker took Captain Flower’s armor)

Tex: She is first introduced as a male character. When she is captured by the Reds in the next episode she is in, it is discovered that she is a female and that she was once Church’s girlfriend. She manages to escape with the help of her kinda “ex-boyfriend” and returns to the Blue team. She is killed by Donut (who has a very strong arm apparently) and then comes back as a “ghost”. Later on in the seasons, it is explained that she is actually an AI (originally named Beta). (btw, spoilers!)

(Halo 3)

*I think that is important to note that none of the character’s face are shown (except for Vic who is an extremely minor character) until seasons 9-10 and occasionally in seasons 12-13. Additionally, as the Halo series developed so did RVB, The armor in seasons 1-2 are different that seasons 6-7, this is only because of the type of graphics that were available at the time, it does not symbolize the character development. Should i post pics of the characters in different armor, I will do my best to tell you which Halo game it was.*

Hey guys, if you’re hearing this, it means you did it. You won. You kicked the shit out of Hargrove’s forces. I knew you could. But this is my last stop. See when I came into this world, I was really just a collection of somebody else’s memories. But with your help, these memories…they … They took form! They became my voice, my personality…and after a while… I began to make brand new memories of my own. All of these things are what make me who I am. But they’re also holding me back. I can’t run this suit… as Epsilon. But if I erase my memories. If I deconstruct myself, the fragments I leave behind will have the strength to get you through this. I believe that. I wish there was another way, but I’m leaving this message as well as others in the hopes that you’ll understand why I have to go this time. -Church's Last Speech